Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Evening Keynote

Should I Not Be Concerned About That Great City?

For too long Seventh-day Adventists have, to use Ellen White’s word, “neglected” the cities. Our mission to the cities must be more than drive-by evangelism. What would a wholistic Adventist urban mission look like? What role can communication play in helping us “seek the shalom” of the city?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Morning Presentation

Understanding the Needs of People in Big Cities through Data Science

Following Christ’s method to reach the city dwellers of our day means understanding and meeting their needs. This presentation describes the potential of data science, which is the study of the generalizable extraction of knowledge from data, to help us understand those needs in an unprecedented way. If we understand people's needs, then we’ll be more effective in reaching them..

Evangelism 3.0

The Digital Disruption Has Already Happened

The world’s largest taxi company owns no taxis (Uber). The world’s largest movie house owns no cinemas (Netflix). The oldest religious magazine in the United States is going digital. We can win by collaborating. Disruption for some, progress for others

Project Slam

Productivity, Collaboration and Software Development: A Tour Around Microsoft Software & Services

The Evolvement of Web-Based Bible Studies

Studying the Bible online is commonplace today. The format has evolved from static-page websites in 1995, into interactive websites for today’s Bible students. We will explore some of the dynamics to be considered with online Bible study in 2016 and review several projects underway with the global church Bible Schools. 

Afternoon Presentations

Digital Storytelling: Keeping it Safe

Social media is the prime way to tell your story today. Learn what dangers are involved and how can you share your story, and God, while still keeping safe.

Project Slam

Paperless Office

Experience is King

For many years ‘CONTENT’ was hailed as king. However, is it still true today? After the mobile apps revolution content has lost its throne to the user ‘EXPERIENCE'. The same content found on websites is now being delivered in a much more intuitive, pleasurable and efficient way through apps. And users changed their expectations permanently. In fact, users now pay again for the same content if the experience of a new app is better. This shift has implications to the Seventh-day Adventists that span from media production all the way to the life of the local church. This presentation will explore various examples of this trend and draw conclusions to our evangelistic efforts in the 21st century.

Social Media, People and the Adventist Church

We often hear that the Internet and social media have changed how humans interact and even mankind itself; but has it really? How can we, as Seventh-day Adventists, be relevant through social media? What works and what does not?

Upgrading Our Way to Mission

As technology and society evolves the church faces the challenge of upgrading our way of doing mission. We have to use the new tools at our disposal to build the platform which will empower the new generation that is coming to do mission in a way that feels natural to them.

Go Therefore and Reach All IP Addresses

We live in a fascinating time. The explosion of mobile allows us to reach communities and parts of the world not previously possible a decade ago. How can we use technology to reach these new people, and how can we use design thinking to ensure we don't waste the opportunity? Dan will share stories of how design and technology are rapidly changing the world and how we can commandeer this powerful vehicle to help spread the gospel.

Copyright Infringement: What is it and How to Avoid it

Learn what a copyright is, what copyright infringement means, and see some examples of infringement. Not sure what “public domain” and “fair use” is? This presentation will help you better understand the different ways to license things and why it's important.

Evening Keynote

Life Academy

To a rapidly changing world, Life Academy is an online ecosystem created to “tell our story” – the whole Adventist message, covering all aspects of life – in an attractive, engaging and interactive way, to new generations, in devices they are using and in a language they understand. A breakthrough in evangelism and discipleship.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Morning Presentations

Cultural Intellegence in Social Media

Pastor, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Social media refers to a conversational, distributed mode of content generation, dissemination, and communication among communities. It has torn down the boundaries between authorship and readership, while the information consumption and dissemination process is becoming intrinsically intertwined with the process of generating and sharing information. Via cognitive, physical and motivational means, through which Cultural Intelligence is developed, we are able to understand and effectively respond to the behaviors, and values under complex and changing circumstances in social media culture.

Communicating in Crisis: Response Readiness in Institutional Communication

SpiritStrong: The Experience of Collaboration

How can three disparate organizations, on three continents collaborate to create an app in 5 months? We’ll share the story of collaboration to create a concept app, and inspire you with the possibility of future collaboration.

Digital Campaigns in the Nonprofit World

The Adventist Learning Community

The Adventist Learning Community (ALC) is a Seventh-day Adventist ministerial and educational platform designed to strengthen professionals through continuing education courses, teaching resources, ministerial training, and dissemination of uniquely Adventist content for the church community and beyond. It is the mission of the ALC to empower people with the passion and skills necessary to further the Kingdom of Christ in the 21st century. Visit the Adventist Learning Community and discover thousands of resources, as well as many professional development courses specifically for Pastors, Teachers, and Lay Ministry Leaders.

Afternoon Presentations

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Emerging Technology: VR Full Immersive 360 Videos

Virtual reality (VR) offers storytellers an exciting new format to tell immersive stories and transport audiences in a way that was pure fantasy only a few years ago. As VR becomes mainstream in 2016 with products ranging from the entry-level Google Cardboard to the Oculus Rift, how can our church use this new platform responsibly as a method of sharing Christ?

Afternoon Keynote

Impact 2020

Impact 20/20 – Media based evangelism in the 21. Century

Reaching millennials and people of today`s society is a challenge we can successfully cope with only when different church departments and church institutions are working together using creative evangelistic ways and develop intelligent marketing approaches in designing their evangelistic projects. Impact 20/20 is a strategic concept developed on market research and societal need identification. Targeting a worldwide impact the concept presents a possible methodology for the TMI goal of our Church by using central themes of our Biblical-Theological believes and offering creative means of communicating them into the society.

Combat Systems and Tactical Application

The military today must be able to communication information from any location, no matter how remote. It must be available, dependable, reliable, and robust, while circumventing many obstacles. Unlike most commercial applications, it must be secure, hence, encrypted. It is hard to get to places that present the most challenge and in the role of the military combatant, they have, through technology advancements and application of those systems, been able to meet these challenges.

The 10 Commandments of Boosting Organic Web Traffic

Discover 10 systematic steps to increase your organic web traffic and share God's story online. In this session you will learn how to utilize the same strategies that helped nearly double monthly web traffic in 2015.

Project Slam

The Power of Geography in Mission

Strategic planning for the world Church is a complex process. Important decisions sometimes are based, in part, on hunches and anecdotal information. Mapping--Geographic Information Systems (GIS)--is a powerful tool that can correlate a variety of church and global demographic datasets for comparison, analysis, and visualization. GIS reveals inherent relationships (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) that otherwise would not be visible in raw numbers alone. GIS facilitates decision-making in the context of Mission Intelligence, where raw data is transformed into meaningful information by identifying mission challenges and opportunities. This presentation explores how GIS can help the Church steward its empirical data in an equitable fashion for missional impact.

Visual Communication and Storytelling

Finding Kryptonite: Motivational Storytelling from the Middle East & North Africa

Evening Keynote

The Great Communicator: God is Not Silent

God reveals Himself in Scripture as Creator, Savior, Judge and King---and much more. Often overlooked is His constant and engaging desire to communicate! And He does this many ways. This presentation will draw attention to God’s great communicating acts and what we might learn from them.

Sabbath, February 27, 2016

Sabbath School

Mission Focus: Chinese Union Mission Report

Divine Service